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30 GRAMS DRIED EXTRA STRONG CATNIP  with Catnip Pouch Floppy Fishie Toy

Catnip-Dried Extra Strong

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Extra strong dried catnip is the perfect treat for your furry little friends. Catnip is a perennial herb that attracts your cat and sends them into a great mood.

You may see your cat sniff, chew, kick or rub the catnip once you give it to them, or they may go into a relaxed state and begin drooling! There are no harmful effects of catnip and you cat will not overdose or have adverse side effects.

Catnip is commonly used as a treat due to the enjoyment your cat gets once you have given it to them. For a truly enjoyable playtime, include this catnip inside our Floppy Fish Cat Toy and watch your feline friend have the time of their life.