🐶 Floppy Fish Dog Toy - #1 Interactive Dog Toy

Why Floppy Fish is the #1 Dog and Puppy toy?

Just like a fish out of water, the Floppy Fish dog toy has a realistic flopping action that instantly attracts your pup. Not only does it look like a real fish, it acts, flips and flops like a real fish as well. It will flop when touched and stay still when left alone. The Floppy Fish takes interactive dog toys to a whole new level and gives a whole host of benefits to your furry bundle of joy.

happy smiling dog


Relieve your dog's stress


Choose Your Favourite Fish
dog with floppy fish dog toy


Reduce Separation Anxiety

The Floppy Fish Dog Toy Is Trending

The Floppy Fish Dog Toy has recently taken the internet by storm, with videos becoming popular on platforms like TikTok, and all for a good reason!

Oftentimes, we look for dog toys that our canine friends will enjoy only to see them enjoy it for a few days before either becoming bored or destroying the toy. That's where the Floppy Fish Dog Toy is different 🐶

Promoting stimulating playtime day in, day out, the interactive elements of the Floppy Fish stop your pooch from getting bored and keep playtime fun, stimulating and different every day.

What's more, our Floppy Fish Dog Toys are made of high quality materials that have a realistic design, a washable outerskin and most importantly, a bite resistant quality - meaning you won't be needing to clean up the inner workings of your dogs toys anymore.

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