Mums are losing it over a dancing cat toy hack for settling babies – Floppy Fish Dog Toy

Mums are losing it over a dancing cat toy hack for settling babies

Tired new parents are rushing to for a $12 toy in the hopes it will put their baby to sleep.

Calming baby fish toy


Even when they sell an item made for one purpose, shoppers will find another use for it and hack into something unbelievable for your home!

Such is the case with a cat toy at the famous fish toy retailer which is being sought after by mums who don’t even own cats.

Floppy Fish baby Toy

"Little hack for mothers out there"

Mums will do just about anything to get their babies to sleep and give their tired rocking and patting arms a rest. 

The latest trick they want to try is a flapping fish toy from Kmart. 

A fan of the store shared a photo of a $12 Cat Toy Dancing Fish in the Kmart Hacks Facebook group.

She shared it alongside a video of a similar fish toy being sold by another brand which claims to put babies to sleep with its tail movements.

The poster wrote alongside the video and photo, “Lmfao so I saw this on Facebook yesterday… And then I thought that fish looks familiar.

“Little hack for mothers out there, could be ideal. Fish may or may not move like this might just be it’s tail.”


Safe sleeping 

As a reminder, keep soft toys out of the sleeping environment for babies under seven months of age because they may cover the nose and mouth and interfere with breathing.